The world of Aldmera is in strife. . .

The continent of Gurn is at the brink of chaos as the orc-kin of the Zarnax Mountains to the north grow in numbers and come under the sway of a leader far greater than any who had come before. Rumor has it that this leader of the orcs, and their allies, has sinister powers at his command.

In the south of Gurn, along the Meldic Coast, different city states vie for supremacy against each other and cut-throat pirates from the Sea of Winds. The Gnomes of Sarben have perfected a new source of power: gunpowder which is changing the balance of power along the coast.

Pirates captured by city-state hired privateers speak of great ships of unimaginable size which have appeared in the Sea of Winds. They are said to fly a flag of jet black with a gold crescent moon in the middle.

Kingdoms strive for dominance in Gurn. Savagery exists in the Centaur Plains, past the Forest of the Emerald-Wash that leads to the Sea of Mist. Several Centaur tribes have gone into a frenzy, attacking travelers and each other, speaking of some great calamity to come.

Gurn needs heroes and soon the Lions will answer.

Lions of Arthekor